Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cedar's 4th Birthday

Before all this new snow moved in, we enjoyed a day outside with decent temps.  I told Kale we were going out because 1. it was decent out and 2. It was Cedar's 4th Birthday so we needed to give him some lovin'!



We started Kindergym with Kale on Saturday at our local University.  Super fun for me because we're back in the building where I used to work and so I saw a lot of familiar faces.  Super fun for Justin because he gets to do a regular activity with us.  Super fun for Kale because there were balloons there.

 I appreciate things like this to get Kale used to taking directions from others, work on standing in line, waiting our turn, etc.  If we were to work on that at home it would be Kale and I and, well, I'm thinking Cedar wouldn't cooperate too well...
 And the health educator in me loves the movement aspect, of course!
 Yes, that's our child with his finger to his nose...

 Looking forward to Kindergym taking us up through March and then enjoying activities like this OUTSIDE.  :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ho Hum January Days

January days can often be "ho hum."  Granted, the month has December as its predecessor which is hard to follow up to.  The great month of December with its magical lights, shimmering packages, friend and family get togethers, and our celebration of Jesus at the center of it all can really give us a lot to look forward to.  Then January descends and we can feel a bit somber, a bit quieted, and it's as if we need an energizer to get going.
I've never really been a resolutions setter at a new year's start, but I do find myself day dreaming about new house projects or finding new ways of engaging Kale in creative play while we are home, for example.  So that gets a fire lit under me, so to speak.
For inspiration to add to my day dreaming, I love reading magazines, page by page, chauk full of beautiful images of room renovations and DIY projects.  I have a bad habit of raiding the free magazine bin at the local library and bringing home more magazines than I'll ever be able to read.  And my other favorite for inspiration, aside from shopping the local junk/craft/home stores, is Pinterest.  Has that ever perked my interest!  I could browse and pin all day but at some point I remind myself that if I pin, I also must try!  (Pin 25...try 1...Pin 25...try1!)
I will admit that I'm a bit restless these days; a bit discontented, as if I have a stirring in my soul.  Whenever I get these "stirrings," I know it is the Holy Spirit wrestling with me and it causes me to consider what greater things God has in store for me to do.  TO DO with my life.  TO DO with and for my family.  TO DO for others I may not know.  If you are feeling at all like me this January month, let's turn our "ho hum" into something grand.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist

Justin had a dentist appointment yesterday so we decided it might be a good time to introduce Kale to the wonderful world of dentistry.  After watching Papa get his teeth cleaned, we had the dentist take a peek at Kale's teeth.
 It only took a bit of coaxing before he opened his mouth BIG for the dentist making us all giggle.  If only his first "real appointment" goes so well!

Christmas 2012 with Justin's Fam

We enjoyed Christmas with Justin's family last week.  Kale got in lots of play time with the cousins and is even starting to remember their names, which is pretty fun.  The cousin closest in age is Tate, and he and Kale played well together.

 Meal time is always a bit chaotic with 9 grandkids.  We were joking that the kitchen table is soon not going to be able to hold them all!  The adults sat in the adjacent dining room where we enjoyed meatballs, potatoes, corn, salad and lefse.

 Our little musician was thrilled with the gifting of another guitar and a microphone on a stand from Auntie Alyssa and Uncle Todd.  In fact, the microphone was a hit with many of the other kids who all took turns singing their hearts out!

 The grandkids all received a headlamp from G&G too.  It was quite funny watching them all run around the basement with their little lights a shinin'.
 The 4 SILs.
 Oldest brother Eric and his family.
 The "original" fam!
 After gift opening, dancing commenced...
 with one little singer in the middle of the dance party.
 The rest of the "outlaws" :)  I think we need to have an "outlaw" picture next year in addition to the sib picture.  What do you say Ang, Todd and Cori Ann???  :)
 We made it to one of Nate's basketball practices at the local high school.  Justin got to play while Kale and I explored the school and watched practice.

 And Christmas wouldn't be complete without a visit to Grandma Mabel.  Notice Kale is getting the "fake smile" down pat.
 Justin also took Kale on a date to the farm.  He enjoyed many a tractor.

 And Kale even did okay with being accidentally locked in the car for 25 minutes.  He kept calm, according to Papa, only saying "Kale get out!" a few times!

 The ride home was pretty quiet with our little napper.  Think he was Christmased out!
Happy 2013 everyone!  May your year be blessed beyond your imagination!