Monday, May 12, 2014

Our not so little boy

I have become increasingly more aware that my Kale is not such a little boy anymore and my heart hurts just a little bit.
 This boy who it seems was just born a few months ago is already writing his name and has favorite friends and doesn't always want his mama to read him stories at night.
 This boy who will turn four years old next month that now ventures outside to play with Cedar all by himself and dresses himself and goes potty
 This boy who goes on dates with me to orchestra concerts and holds real conversations about instruments, cars and what he did while mama was away.  I hope he'll always want to date me!
 This boy.  I'm wanting to stop time for this boy.  I'm wanting to read and research for all the questions he'll have for me.  I'm wanting to hold him in my arms and not let any harm come to him.  That's where God comes in and reminds me that he is His and I must trust.  This boy.  Oh how I love this boy.

Easter 2014

Easter 2014 was special in many ways.  It was the first year Kale "hunted" for eggs, it was Grey's 1st Easter, Papa preached at church, and we spent the day with D's family in some amazing weather after a very cold start to spring.

 Kale has a firm grasp on the Easter story and has really taken to the Resurrection Eggs this year.  I think it will be cool in a few years when he can lead Grey through the story of the cross.
 We managed to get ready and out the door to be at church early for Papa so he could get prepared to give his message.  He retold the story of the events leading up to the cross and then focused on the veil being torn and how the separation between God and man was no more.  I've even got a cool piece of purple fabric to put in Greyson's baby book, that Justin utilized as an illustration during his message.
 We have much to smile about in celebrating our risen Lord!