Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Expecting in June

We are pleased to announce that we're expecting a baby in June! Below is a picture of D at 12 weeks. And 15 weeks-where D currently is.
I think she's trying to catch up to Santa's jolly old self...

Christmas Time is Here

We've been enjoying these days leading up to Christmas in our decorated home. This year was extra special as we cut two "off shoot trees" from our tree line and brought them in the house for our Christmas trees. As my mom commented, they add to the old feel of the house. A few weekends ago, we hosted Deedra's student employees for a Christmas meal and greatly enjoyed our time with them.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

God and Dog

This is how we feel about our Cedar! Click here.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Day on the Farm

We enjoyed a Sunday back at D's parents celebrating her Dad's 65th birthday. A walk back in the timber was peaceful and beautiful.
D's brother, Darin, got a deer for muzzleloader season. Justin and niece, Brie, hanging out on the swing. We all took part in making wood. Dana's kiddos carved pumpkins and pose for us with their work.


On October 24, I participated in the 4th annual Great Northern Iowa Radical River Run Race (GNIRRRR) with friends Ben and Heather. We ran 3 miles, canoed 3 miles as well as portaged and participated in 4 mystery events including pumpkin carving, horseshoes, putting up a tent blindfolded and golf, all the while carrying 2 eggs and a waterballoon. We can humbly say we took first place, only beating out 2 other teams! We had a blast though and look forward to continuing the tradition of participating.

Hawk Homecoming

We took in the Hawk Homecoming game with D's sister and her husband and D's brother and his girlfriend. Was a great game! Go Hawks-keep the record rolling!

4th Anniversary Weekend

We celebrated our 4th anniversary with a weekend trip to the Iowa City area. We took in some shopping, attended a wedding of one of D's student employees, a day trip to Kalona, and a day trip to the Amana's. One of the country shops outside of Kalona. Us in the Amana's.

Cherished Haircut

One Saturday while Justin was in school, I rode with my mom to visit her mom and sister. While there, Grandma requested a haircut from my mom. Love these pics we have and will cherish them always.

Cement Work Complete

We hired a different crew to complete the cement work in front of the new garage. They worked lightening fast and had the job complete in a week. They were awesome and we've been enjoying the completed cement pad for several weeks now. We can now say that project is officially tied off!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Work & Cedar's Favorite New Spot

Justin has been wrapping up the laundry room project today. He is finishing the trim around the floor, ceiling, and door leading to the garage. Cedar is trying to help...
and keep his eye on Justin while he works inside. One of Cedar's favorite new spots to sit is on the steps in the garage leading into the house.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Over Labor Day weekend, we enjoyed venturing to Backbone with friends, Dan, Jessica and their little sweetheart, Halle. With Cedar in tow, we tackled some trails and ended up at another park with pizza. Backbone was beautiful and enjoyed by all.

Final Garage Post

The garage project is complete (though we're not confident our contractor has had the final inspection yet...). Cedar's outdoor kennel has been moved over to the new garage.
He's enjoying his new "pup penthouse", as I'm calling it! The doggie door pictured below leads to the outdoor kennel. He's got lots of space now during the day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Renovations Continue

Two weekends ago, D's parents came back to our acreage for the second weekend in a row to help with renovations. The kitchen floor was the main obstacle to overcome. Justin and D's Dad worked the most on the floor. Below is Dad measuring one of the laminate squares to fit the puzzle together. We are now greatly enjoying the finished floor! Another task was stacking the washer and dryer. They line the wall where the new garage walk-in door enters the house. Mom and I spent our time staining the pantry and shelves of the pantry Justin built over the summer. With the help of a neighbor, Justin moved the pantry into the house last weekend. The shelves have dried and are ready to go in! I put the last coat of varnish on the doors tonight. Looking into the laundry/pantry room from the kitchen.