Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Justin and I enjoyed last week on vacation. We spent a few days in MN with his family celebrating Father's Day, getting in a run with sister-in-law Cori Ann before her Grandma's Half Marthon (way to go, Cori!!), shopping, visiting with siblings, etc.! We then spent a few days in Littleton, CO with friends Abby and Paul. They live on the Denver Seminary with Paul attending school and working at Lowe's and Abby a Physical Therapist in Aurora. We had a fantastic time!
Some highlights including catching up and getting to know Paul better, riding on the trails near the seminary, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, shopping at St. Nick's Warehouse where we found some great deals--anyone ready to decorate for Christmas yet? Oh, just me?? We also enjoyed seeing downtown Denver and watching a few movies together over warm brownies and ice cream. Below are a few (okay, several) photos of our fun getaway. The beauty of the mountains. Deedra at Union Station.
Justin in Rocky Mountain National Park. Isn't he cute?
More nature beauty in the park. On the bike trail near the seminary.

At a park after a quick hail storm blew through.
Abby and Paul Eating lunch in Estes Park before the hiking begins. No words can even describe this sight! Fly fisherman in the park. I could seriously hear John Denver singing "Rocky Mountain High" almost the whole time we were in the Rockies! I'm usually not one for PDA!
D and Abby
On our last night, we spent some time at the local pet store. It broke my heart to leave this guy behind!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flood of 2008

The flood devastation in our area has been unbelievable. In all honesty, it's hard to put into words. Justin and I have been fortunate to have a safe, dry home to return to, unlike so many in our area. We have assisted in sand bagging efforts in a neighboring town, have church members and friends who were flooded out of their homes, and have soaked in all the footage of the local tv stations who have been on air nearly non-stop giving up to date information on evacuations and news.
My parents have also been victim to all of the rain. They live about an hour from us and have had seepage for 3 weeks to their finished basement. We went there yesterday to assist in laying new tile, tearing out the patio area, relocating a flag pole and flower bed, and then focusing on the basement. We tore down paneling, dry wall and insulation. It is now an empty shell. They remain thankful that they have a home, even though much of it no longer looks like one.
Below Justin and Darin work on clearing the way for tile.
Looking at the house from the driveway-the yard torn up waiting for new tile.Mom and Kesha pull out flowers to relocate.Dana and the boys work on pulling out nails in the basement. Niece Brie and I taking a break from the long day.