Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Devastation in Parkersburg

An EF5 tornado tore through a town not far from us on Sunday. Two of our church families are now without homes. For a look at the devastation, check out these photos. Please pray for Richard & Carol and Brian and the rest of the residents of Parkersburg who are looking to rebuild their town.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Country Road Take Me Home

After months of looking for an acreage, we have found one! We've found a beautiful old farmhouse built in 1926. It is surrounded by cornfields and is in a great location. We are so pleased and excited! We will close in July and plan to move then. Our current home is for sale so hopefully all will go well with that venture! For those of you interested in learning where it's located, please send me an email and I can get that information to you. We'll be sending out the new address after the move.


I run on a daily basis with an amazing woman, Theresa. She is pictured below in pink. Her oldest daughter Nina (pronounced 9-a) is also an amazing gal. I've learned a lot about Nina through her mom on our runs together and have watched her succeed through her high school days in a number of things including a four year all-stater in orchestra, named 4A state volleyball tournament captain, tremendous track athlete, the list goes on and on. Nina is a senior this year and had her graduation party this past weekend. It was fun for me to serve food at her party and witness her many friends and family filter through to congratulate this neat gal. I'm excited to have Nina on campus next year and follow her through her track college career. Family photo: Theresa, Mike, Nina, and Hannah
Nina and myself.
State Track Meet. Nina getting ready to run the sprint med. She's in lane 6.

Monday, May 05, 2008

So Hard to Say Goodbye

This time of year is always difficult for me as my student employees graduate. Of the 5 seniors I'm losing, I had three for four years. After seeing them nearly every day, it leaves a hole in my heart as they leave. We've had a lot of special moments the last week sharing dinner, playing bocce and knockout, and sharing lots of memories. Here's a few photos of the past week. To my seniors, bless you and may your paths bring you back through our campus to reminise once again. Happy Trails.