Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Day on the Farm

We enjoyed a Sunday back at D's parents celebrating her Dad's 65th birthday. A walk back in the timber was peaceful and beautiful.
D's brother, Darin, got a deer for muzzleloader season. Justin and niece, Brie, hanging out on the swing. We all took part in making wood. Dana's kiddos carved pumpkins and pose for us with their work.


On October 24, I participated in the 4th annual Great Northern Iowa Radical River Run Race (GNIRRRR) with friends Ben and Heather. We ran 3 miles, canoed 3 miles as well as portaged and participated in 4 mystery events including pumpkin carving, horseshoes, putting up a tent blindfolded and golf, all the while carrying 2 eggs and a waterballoon. We can humbly say we took first place, only beating out 2 other teams! We had a blast though and look forward to continuing the tradition of participating.

Hawk Homecoming

We took in the Hawk Homecoming game with D's sister and her husband and D's brother and his girlfriend. Was a great game! Go Hawks-keep the record rolling!

4th Anniversary Weekend

We celebrated our 4th anniversary with a weekend trip to the Iowa City area. We took in some shopping, attended a wedding of one of D's student employees, a day trip to Kalona, and a day trip to the Amana's. One of the country shops outside of Kalona. Us in the Amana's.

Cherished Haircut

One Saturday while Justin was in school, I rode with my mom to visit her mom and sister. While there, Grandma requested a haircut from my mom. Love these pics we have and will cherish them always.

Cement Work Complete

We hired a different crew to complete the cement work in front of the new garage. They worked lightening fast and had the job complete in a week. They were awesome and we've been enjoying the completed cement pad for several weeks now. We can now say that project is officially tied off!