Sunday, September 29, 2013

Attic Reno 11

Our electrician was here on Tuesday and completed his work.  Below is the shower area with light/vent installed.  You'll notice the old chimney running right up along side of it.  If anyone has tips for cleaning brick, we'd appreciate them! (another item on the to-do list).
 Below are the lights that will be above the vanity.
 One of many can lights throughout the space.  This one happens to be in the bathroom area by the cubbies we plan to fill with baskets.
 Ceiling fan is installed along with more can lights near the ceilings peak.
 Below is the area next to the stairs.  The cubbies will eventually be covered with cabinet doors and contain drawers and space for clothing.  Notice the set up of paint cans.  That is Kale's drum set!
 And over this weekend, Justin worked on installation of the bathroom floor.  We chose a floating plank that looks like wood.  He did a great job and we're really excited about the finished product.

A neighbor is coming by this afternoon to help carry the vanity upstairs.  Stay tuned for pics!  Our plumbers are scheduled to come this week to get all the plumbing in working order.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Growing Baby Bump

The baby bump is slowly growing.  Below is 15 weeks.
 And 20 weeks...notice Kale holding his belly too!
 And where I currently am...22 weeks.
About three weeks after the morning sickness had passed, I was unfortunate to pick up a digestive virus from my hubs.  Nine days of awful diarrhea.  Due to the pregnancy, the doctor wanted to ensure I was not dehydrated and to check my electrolytes and such so I had to do more blood work, urine samples and stool samples.  Talk about awful!  Praise God it was simply a virus and baby seems to be doing well.  Praying the remainder of the 2nd and 3rd trimesters are uneventful.

Attic Reno 10

After a lengthy process, our drywaller finished last week Friday.  On Saturday, we had a great paint crew of D's parents and a couple from our small group.  We were able to get all the primer on and one coat of sky high blue (fitting or what??) in the bedroom area and mindful grey in the bathroom.  On Sunday, Justin and I did a second coat on everything.  The lighting really changes things up at different times of the day.  At some points, the blue looks white and the grey looks tan.  But, we are happy with how the colors have turned out overall.

 Yes, the above and below pics are of the same room!  Look how different the color looks in different light!
Below is where the vanity area will be in the bathroom.  We left "ventilation holes" in the ceiling to allow air flow through the bathroom and into the bedroom.

Our electrician is here today so we are excited to have lights in the space as well as working electrical outlets all around the room!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Kale's Summer 2013 Recap

Hard to believe summer has come and gone but we are already half-way through September.  It's been a great summer with Kale.  I really enjoyed his age this summer as he was able to do quite a bit on his own.  Perfect timing as this mama wasn't feeling her best while pregnant!  I had planned one event for Kale for each of the summer months.  In June, he took swim lessons for two weeks.

 Initially Kale was not so sure about going into the pool on his own.  I had done parent/child lessons with him when he was one year old (AND had done water aerobics in this pool while pregnant with Kale!), but this was his first crack going solo.  Eventually he really liked lessons and looked forward to going every day.  Here he is below with his swim instructors.  He happily jumped into their arms in the water, loved going down the slide, would put his face in, but wasn't a huge fan of going under the water.  After the first initial try of that, on all subsequent tries he would first have to verify with the instructor that he didn't have to go under before he'd jump into their arms.
 In July, I enrolled Kale in a recreation program called "Tot Lot" at a local Rec Center.  No pics to show for that, but he LOVED it.  They got to play games, do a few crafts, and other fun activities.  He went for just four days for 2.5 hours and mama had free time.  Doing a little dance right now remembering that free time!
Also in July, Kale experienced fireworks for the first time!

 The pic below is my best attempt at a family photo at the fireworks.  Makes me giggle.  Kale enjoyed the fireworks and the snacks that we brought with.  Toward the end, he did decide the booms were too loud, but he was content to cuddle while I covered his ears so it was a win-win.
 In August I enrolled Kale in Camp Creativity at a local arts center in town.  Let's just say that Kale did not want to tap into his creative side.  You'll notice in the pic below the large orange paper he's holding.  These were envelopes the kids had laying out in the hallway and each day when parents would pick them up, we got to see what crafts and art they had done for the day.  All the other orange papers would be covered with things but Kale would just have one picture that he'd "sort of" colored.  The teachers said he was content using scissors the whole time.  So, rather than create, he liked to destroy apparently.  Oh well...

 You'll notice in the pic below my little boy in the yellow sitting on the bench by himself for story hour.  Didn't want to be creative and apparently wanted to be antisocial as well.  This camp was scheduled for five days, but by days 3 and 4, Kale was not wanting to go.  He'd lay down in the hallway outside his room and basically refuse to go in.  By that 4th day, I had already decided there would not be a 5th.  So long Camp Creativity!
 And throughout the months of the summer we tried to get out and about as best we could and as best as mama's tummy would allow.  We ran.
 We played at some parks.

 We biked.
 We had lots of Cedar time.

 Enjoyed the sandbox much more this summer than last.
 Spent some time with Mama's family while Papa was away to Germany.

 Enjoyed the presence of a few families for dinner and campfires.  Here's Kale with our friend Isaiah who kept Kale quite entertained with his athleticism.
 And shooting hoops with the Papa.
It was a sweet summer.  I found myself thinking ahead to next summer quite a bit and wondering how it would look differently with a little babe and a 4 year old.  I'm sure it will have plenty of sweetness of its own.