Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Living is Easy...

I think that's from an old song I love-it keeps coming to mind these days.

Our internet has been down at home for quite some time now so the blogging has been few and far between.

I'm keeping busy with volunteer coaching for a running group called "Hilltoppers". We work with junior high and high school students who are mostly cross country runners. We meet 3 nights a week and there are approximately 80 students taking part. We work on interval training, long run endurance, and tempo runs.

Our attached garage project is progressing. We've continued to take pictures and hope to be able to post some soon. Justin's parents were in town over the weekend and helped in building a deck in our backyard which we are already enjoying. The acreage is taking shape!

Our garden has also been successfully yielding (I have to use that word because Justin calls it "farming" when we go out to pick!). I have frozen a batch of green beans and snap peas. We've enjoyed a couple of strawberries and our tomato plants are humungo! If you live near us, you will likely get to enjoy a few tomatoes!

Softball season is marching on. I think we are still slightly above 500. For having subs almost every week, I think I need to be content with that!

Cedar continues to grow and enjoy our balmy summer nights. We've gotten to know a few of our neighbors as we are out on walks and have swapped garden produce as well which has been fantastic.

We enjoyed the 4th with Justin's family at their lake cabin in MN. Lots of eating, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful weather God blessed us with.

Hope you are all enjoying a great summer!