Thursday, July 17, 2008

Taking Time to Enjoy

As I'm sitting typing this, it is pouring rain outside. The thunder is booming and the lightening is frequent. What am I thinking about? It may be the last time I sit in this house during a thunderstorm. I've had many of these "lasts" the last several weeks. We will be moving this weekend to our acreage. We took possession last Friday and have been painting and cleaning and getting prepared. In all the hustle and bustle, I haven't spent a lot of time just sitting in our current home, appreciating and enjoying where we've spent our first almost three years of marriage. This house has been our home and I will miss many things about it...

The fireplace that we light almost every evening in the winter. The deck where we grill and enjoy cool summer evenings. Our bedroom with its attached master bath. The guest room that we still lovingly refer to as "Kent's Room" from when friend, Kent lived here with Justin. Our stairs that open to both the kitchen and living room. Our basement that Justin and I finished with our own hands. The view of the golf course and watching its trees change from season to season. So many wonderful things and great memories. We will continue to drive by and fondly always love this house.