Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to Houghton

In early August, Justin and I enjoyed a trip back to Houghton, MI for Justin's college basketball reunion.  My parents cared for Kale as all the teammates agreed to leave the kiddos behind.  I must say, I didn't put up a protest...
As you may have guessed, there was an alumni game.
Justin and his 4 teammates were able to play together on the court several times.  Fun to watch their chemistry come back together, or so I'm told, since I wasn't around back then!

And a few of the faithful wives, arriving early with our hubbies to the shoot around, smiles and cameras in hand.
Unfortunate for Justin, he tweeked his ankle in the opening minutes.  Just like old times, the trainer taped him up and he was good to go for the remainder of the game.  The ice came out afterward.
 In addition to basketball, we were able to reconnect with friends in da UP. 
 And I was fortunate to finally meet Cami, one of Justin's closest friends at college.  After meeting her, I told her I thought we could be very close friends.  She told me she told her husband the same thing.
And we were also fortunate to catch our friends Bob and Trish in action at one of their juggling shows downtown.  Bob was a teammate of Justin's in college.  He and his wife are coming off a year of traveling around the country doing shows such as this.  We were lucky to spend more time with them the following week as they had a show in our hometown so we got to host them.

Great trip up north, as usual.  Just wish the drive wasn't so long!