Friday, March 18, 2011

Bye Bye Counterweights

The house updating theme continued this week as we made the decision to replace the counterweight windows in our home. We debated for quite awhile on this one regarding the price and the loss of some character to our old farmhouse. But, we are hopeful the savings in energy costs (and ease in cleaning the new windows) will "counterweight" (ha, ha) our initial concerns.South side of the house getting new windows.
A pile of weights from the old windows. D saved one back to use for "decoration" somehow. Our sad windows waiting to be taken away. D saved one of these too for a project yet to be determined. Old windows in the dining room. New windows. These are super slick to clean as both the top and bottom fold inside the house. But because we last cleaned the old windows when D was 8 months prego might have added a negative flare to it too...

Kitchen Cupboard Chaos to Calm

Last weekend we wrapped up the kitchen cupboard project (insert BIG sigh of relief!). The weekend prior, Justin prepped the kitchen to allow the sanding to begin. While he sanded, I took Kale and ran errands! When we returned, he had the plastic down the had begun the cleanup! After a week of painting in the kitchen and wrapping up the painting of the door and drawer fronts in the basement (which had been going for a few weeks...), followed by attaching the new hardware and reattaching to the drawers and cupboards, our kitchen is back together! Before...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Something

There is just something

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pie and Life

This is my dear friend, Heather. When I was still working, she was my running partner over the lunch hour. We'd have a good 40-50 minutes daily to talk about anything and everything, except maybe on hill workout days when there was too much perspiration and "out-of-breathness" to communicate but with grunts.Heather is that friend who walks by my side while I try to figure out many things in my life as she knows my decision making process can be quite slow and downright poor. She has the courage to tell me things that others probably don't. She speaks with honesty and love.
I only see Heather on a semi-regular basis now that I'm a stay at home mom. In many ways, I feel like a piece of me is missing when we go long stretches without communicating/seeing one another.
Last night we met at a Village Inn in town at 7:30 to catch up. We each ordered a piece of pie and talked about life. We laughed. We cried. We reconnected. The first time we looked at the time, it was 10PM. We finally made it out to our cars at 10:30 and hugged goodbye.
Heather is more than a friend, she's family. I thank God that our paths have crossed and I have such an amazing woman in my life.