Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Hike

It was a beautiful evening for a Halloween Hike at our local nature center.  Our guide was a wolf carrying her lantern.
 Along the way we met "pollinators" such as a bee, bat, hummingbird, monarch and moth, and the wind who shared how they aide in pollination.
 We went with friends Joan and grandson, Treyton.  These two three year olds wanted to be the head of the pack, sneaking their way around the wolf!
 After the hike we enjoyed hot cocoa and cookies...
 face painting...

 and other fun.
 You'll notice my growing belly at 24 weeks.  I was startled to see myself in this photo.  Think I need to cut back on the Oreos.
 A highlight for the boys was the apple press.  They got to take part in throwing in apples and watching the juice come out.  It tasted SO GOOD!

Fall Around Our Farm

We've had some fall fun around our "farm" as Justin likes to call it.  Scarecrow assembly resulted after reading some scarecrow books from the library.

And the great pumpkin harvest.  Kale was a big helper this year.  He tried with all his might to lift all of them, even the BIG ones.

Happy Fall, ya'all!

Touch a Truck

A few weeks ago we went to a "Touch a Truck" event in town.  We were lucky to have a small window of time without rain to enjoy the many vehicles.  Kale had a ball.