Sunday, April 25, 2010

33 Weeks

Pregnancy updates: Hip is now pain free! Done with physical therapy but continuing to do exercises on my own at home. Heartburn is much more of an issue now. I'd never had it before but can better empathize with Justin who has it frequently. We should own stock in Rolaids. Doctor says I'm still measuring "right on." Up at least twice a night and when I wake, my knees and lower legs ache making it hard to fall back to sleep. We've completed "Infant/Child CPR" and "Baby Basics" classes. Lamaze is this coming weekend. Pray that these two weak stomachs make it through the videos!

Signs of Spring

It's beginning to look a lot like spring around our acreage! Justin has put a few things in the garden. Cedar takes interest as the potatoes are going in...

Cedar has Visitors

One night after eating dinner, Justin peeked out and saw Cedar just as he is in the picture below. There were two geese in the field and he was right at the grass line keeping his eye on them. He never did approach them, but rather kept his distance and seemed awe struck by the big birds. It was a cute site to watch.

Baby Shower

Last weekend four of my friends hosted a baby shower for me. It was a wonderful day of friends, food and many great gifts!The hosts are pictured below.
Although I regret getting more pictures of those that attended, one special group was my four close college friends who traveled from Davenport. We were joking that we have many pictures of the 5 of us together, in varying orders! One very special gift of the day was a quilt my mom made for baby. After the shower, we took some pictures together at home. Here she is in baby's room with the quilt. And Cedar joined us for a photo opp outside!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

30 Weeks on Easter

On Easter Sunday, I was 30 weeks. The reality of a baby is more and more real now! The pain I mentioned in a previous pregnancy post is getting much better now that I'm in physical therapy, and I've been enjoying a water aerobics class for a few weeks now. I widen the age gap quite a bit in class, but I enjoy those folks! Justin is even getting prepared. He recently was on a trip to Brazil and took along an expectant father book that was loaned to him. We've also taken our first baby class at the hospital and have a few more to go.

Okay everyone. Any guesses as to a boy or girl? As a reminder, we don't know ourselves but I'm curious what you are thinking! Comment away!

Sweet 16

A few weekends ago, Justin and I made the trip to St. Louis for the NCAA Mens Basketball Sweet 16. The UNI Panthers had made it and we were thrilled to be able to follow them and cheer them on after having done so all season. What an amazing season! Way to go, Panthers! We stayed at the hotel where the team was and prior to the game was a pep rally. There was purple everywhere! Even the workers at the hotel were wearing Panther hats and shirts and UNI flags and signs adorned the walls.
The Panther men before tip off vs. Michigan St. Friends Ben, Lyle and Heather also made the trip. We were fortunate to have seats in the "handicap" section allowing extra leg room for 28 week pregnant, D. We had a great time! Hail our Panthers!