Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Cedar!

Our Cedar turned one today. We celebrated his little self by making a cake. Cedar had to settle for beggin' strips and canine carry outs while we enjoyed the cake! We also played and D took him for a moonlight walk through the field. Yes, we love our pup!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

20 Weeks

The pregnancy seems to be moving right along. We are half way there! Here's D at 20 weeks.What is especially fun, is that our worship pastor and his wife, Jess, are expecting a baby with the very same due date! What is more, they were married the same day as us! It's been such a joy to share the pregnancy with Jess and compare notes. Oh, and we're also seeing the same doctor at the same hospital. Who knows-we could be delivering on the same day! I can see it now, Justin and Pastor Dan giving each other high fives in the hospital hallway! Love you, Jess!

Christmas Recap

The weekend before Christmas, D took her mom to a Mannheim Steamroller concert for her gift. Growing up listening to their music, it as absolutely amazing to hear them in concert. We had a great time! We spent Christmas Eve and morning with D's family. Here she is with parents, sister and brother. D and her siblings. Brother Darin and his pup, Ruger.
We spent a few days in MN with J's family. Below are the grandkids. Next year, two more will be added with our addition and Justin's sister's new little one. Uncle Justin entertains nephew, Ty, one afternoon.