Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Journey

I, D, have resigned my position at work this past week. It was a difficult decision but I feel it is the right one for my family as I'll now be a stay at home mom for Kale. I started my 10th year this summer (while on maternity leave) and it's amazing how quickly those years went by. I only know that they'll go by even faster with my son. Below are pics of my lonely office and a few of my favorite co-workers. We posed through tears! Farewell, UNI. It's been wonderful. For all you stay at home moms out there, send me your inspirational thoughts or ideas for fun to get out of the house...I know I'll need those moments too!

Bath Day

It's bath day for Kale. Dad's getting him excited to get into the tub!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Peanut to Green Bean

Our peanut is turning into more of a green bean. He's getting so long, he'll be out of his bassinet soon. Here's proof! He also muscles his way out of his blanket bundles so he's gaining strength too! The green bean will be 8 weeks tomorrow!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Congrats Darin and Kesha!

D's brother, Darin, proposed to girlfriend, Kesha a few weeks ago. They'll be getting married on our anniversary in 2011! Kesha, we're excited to have you join our family!

Time with the Grams

We've gotten some good pics of Kale with his "Gram's".
Grandma B (top) came to visit last week and Kale got to spend time with Grandma D at the lake cabin a few weeks ago.

More Showers

The month of July brought family baby showers with each of our families. D's family shower was first on July 18.Our little fam.
Sister Dana who did all the decorating and made the food. Kale, she deserves more of a thank you than that!
Fun balloon letters were just a bit of the decor.
Four generations! D with Mom, Grandma and Kale.
We had Justin's family shower on July 22. Here's Kale with great Grandma Mabel. Kale with great Aunt Elaine. Kale with Auntie Alyssa who gave birth to his brand new cousin the next day! Congrats Alyssa and Todd! Cedar also made the trip to MN for the shower. As Justin's Dad knows, Cedar loves riding on lawnmowers. Howard gave him a ride along with nephew Ty, upon our arrival.

Kale in Photos

We tried Kale in the crib for a nap today. He's getting so long that he's going to outgrow the bassinet soon. He did sleep in the crib about 30 minutes, but when I went to get him up, he wasn't so sure he enjoyed it...
Time with Dad.
Our garden has been producing abundantly. That means Kale needs to go out and "work" too. We surround his carseat with mosquito netting while we get to picking and Cedar keeps a close watch on his little pal. For those of you wondering, Cedar LOVES Kale.
SO BIG! Kale loves to stretch at any given moment making himself look longer and longer!
He's been giving out his share of smiles too. Love those moments but hard to catch on camera.

Bath Time

Kale has gotten to enjoy bath time after mom figured out that it helps to dip his toes first for a bit before dunking the whole body in at once (duh, mom!). Justin is quite the photographer catching Deedra's earring and Kale's sweet little face in the background.What Kale doesn't prefer is getting out of the water into the cold. We get to see that famous fat lip!

Deedra Here

Hi everyone, Deedra here. I wanted to "publically" thank my husband who has done all the blog updating since Kale's arrival. I've either been busy or too tired to take the time to upload photos and blog. Thanks, honey! Kale and I are getting along well at home. The little shaver will be 6 weeks old tomorrow already so we've started to establish some routines and that helps mom out a lot. Kale has been a great night sleeper but does get off when we alter "the routine." Like last night, for instance, we went to a work picnic and baseball game and he slept through most of that. Due to that, he was up a few times during the night (not like Kale...). We're hoping tonight is a little more back to normal. We've taken a lot of pics since our last entry so I'll post a few more entries and you can see how Kale is growing, changing, and enjoying life. Also, thanks everyone for your prayers throughout the pregnancy and now with a newborn at home. We appreciate them so much!