Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Attic Reno 9

It was an exciting day around here as the windows that we'd ordered for the attic on May 30 finally arrived (LONG story) and were installed.  The picture below is of the old, original windows.  Because Justin had been taking these out while he worked in the attic, they were not necessarily waterproof and we've went through our share of showers since this project began.  Thankful for that headache to be over.
 Old windows going bye-bye.
 New windows getting installed.  Look at the difference in light coming in!  WOW!

 And the current favorite new window is below.  This overlooks the driveway and will be where the bathtub will sit.  This window space had previously been completely covered with plywood and plastic as we had to take the window completely out in order to move drywall and such up through it.  It's awesome to have light in that space again.

One step closer!

MN Visit

Last week we enjoyed a trip to MN to visit Justin's family.  The majority of the trip was spent at the family lake cabin, though we started at Justin's parents for a birthday party for two of our nephews.

 A highlight for Kale was riding the motorized vehicles...just his size.  By the end of the week, he'd moved out of first gear, driving a little faster than when he'd started at snails pace.  In other words, he started out driving like Papa and ended up driving like his Mama!
 Kale loved the water.  We hadn't been to the lake cabin since he was about one month old. 

 Watching him with cousins, Ty and Tate, was especially fun.  These guys will get into plenty of mischief in due time, we're sure!

Justin and I also enjoyed an overnight in the Cities while Kale stayed with Grandpa and Grandma.  We went to IKEA, ate a nice (non-rushed) dinner, saw a movie, and finished with more shopping at an outlet mall where we even purchased some Christmas presents.  It was a great trip!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In the Trenches of Toddlerhood

When the bedtime prayers have been said, singing done, the question of the day asked, and Kale is tucked in for the night, I find myself exhausted.  I know this exhaustion will only grow when babe number 2 arrives, and as a friend blogged recently, as the mother of 3, "I want to punch the one child mama and now the two child mama in the face."  Meaning, those mamas of her past thought she had it rough.  They had no idea.
I feel worn.  As the song goes, "I'm tired, I'm worn.  My heart is heavy.  From all it takes; to just keep breathing..."  Worn from battles over washing hands.  Worn from cleaning up spilled milk.  Worn from sitting at the table with a little boy who makes meal time frustrating and long.  Worn from teaching, rebuking, correcting, listening, mending hurts, and starting all over again.
The life of a stay at home mom is not all peaches and cream.  There are many days in a row and sometimes weeks, before I have a legitimate amount of time to myself.  When that time comes, I relish it.  It gives me a sense of myself back.  I feel renewed and ready to go back to the trenches.
I know I have been called for such a time as this.  I acknowledge that I am in a season and to everything, it too, will turn.
We do a lot of reading at our house.  And I mean, A LOT.  I am amazed at the way children's books touch my heart and speak to me.  One we currently have home from the library is called "Work Song" by Gary Paulsen.  It reads:
"It is keening noise and jolting sights, and hammers flashing in the light,
and houses up and trees in sun, and trucks on one more nighttime run.
It is fresh new food to fill the plates, and flat, clean sidewalks to try to skate,
and towering buildings that were not there, hanging suddenly in the air.
It is offices filled with glowing screens and workers making steel beams,
and ice cream cones to lick and wear, and all the pins that hold your hair.
It's gentle arms that lift and hold, and all the soldiers brave and bold,
and help to fit the brand-new shoes, and hands to show you books to use.
It is people here and people there, making things for all to share;
all the things there are to be, and nearly all there is to see.
And when the day is paid and done, and all the errands have been run,
it's mother, father in a chair, with tired eyes and loosened hair.
Resting short but loving long, resting for the next day's song."
What a beautiful way to view a new day-as a song.

Attic Reno 8

Drywall installation began on Monday.  Due to all the quirky angles, Justin decided to hire it out.  Also, after drywallers started to quote the project, Justin realized it would likely take him 2-3 months to complete the drywall on his own when he started seeing the number of hours the professionals would take.  The room is really starting to take shape now.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Attic Reno 7

Yesterday D's brother and Justin installed the skylight window.  Justin had previously framed it up so their work moved pretty quickly.  It's amazing how much light comes in through that window.  We love it already!  And we had our first rain shower today and there are no leaks!  Woot!  Nice work, Darin and Justin!


Saturday, August 03, 2013

Attic Reno 6

The bathtub made its ascension of the stairs to its home in the attic a few days ago.  Justin and our neighbor claim that it was not that heavy.  I have to admit, they made it look easy.
 It was essential to get it into the bathroom area before the pocket door was installed (which Justin completed this morning).  Drywall will go up in the next week to two weeks which means I need to narrow down paint colors.  Now I'm feeling the pressure!!!
 And another tidbit.  I scored a heavy duty $35 desk on a Facebook for-sale group.  Again, I like the idea of a touch of the old with the newness of the space.  I plan to paint it, of course, to give it new flavor.  My projects are starting to pile up...