Saturday, April 28, 2007

Boot Camp Won't Be The Same!

To our friend, Owen, best wishes as you begin work with the Kansas City Chiefs! I met Owen through my boot camp fitness class two years ago. He is a tremendously fast, spirited, and entertaining guy. He kept class fun and uplifting and we will miss him immensely. Justin got to know Owen through volleyball as we played on a team together last fall.
The picture above is of fellow "boot campers" with Owen (in front in blue) yesterday. We took a day off of running to enjoy lunch together. It was a nice change!

Best wishes to you, Owen!

Half a decade old!

The twins turned 5 about a week ago. We celebrated with a John Deere theme, ate lots of food, and enjoyed a beautiful day outside playing catch and bocce ball. Here's a few pics from the day with the fam.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Weekend

Here are 3 munchkins who were eager to find their eggs. The boys are shown counting to see if they'd met their quota that Easter bunny Uncle J hid. That bunny either had hops this year or he was extra tall!
Easter is such a wonderful time to celebrate our risen Lord and remember what He endured for us. My prayer is that these 3 munchkins will fully grasp that someday and have a personal relationship with Him! Jesus lives!