Sunday, September 25, 2011

6 Years

Justin and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on Saturday.  We enjoyed take-out Chinese and a rental movie while our boy slept peacefully upstairs.  So thankful for the simple pleasures in life!

Saturday Deals

I hit the mother load at a garage sale on Saturday.  I picked up a Little Tykes table and two chairs, a box full of Geo Trax, two kids plastic baseball bats, a box full of soft baseballs, a batting tee, a tennis racket (for bat swatting in the house...), a John Deere kids baseball cap, bag of socks, and a few books for a grand total of $16.70. 

I'm not a fan of spending a lot of money on toys for kids because they seem to grow out of their interest in them so quickly.  So, garage sales are huge for me.  It's fun to bring home treasures for Kale, see his enjoyment in them, and save money in the process.  These pics of Kale took place over the weekend.  He was having fun with those soft baseballs and throwing them under the table and attempting to retrieve them.  Comic relief for Justin and I!
What's been a great deal you've found recently?


At least someone enjoys laundry day!

Hard Hat Required

My dad has joked that Kale should wear a hard hat.  The more times Kale falls, the more I start believing that myself.  Today he took another spill in the bathroom hitting his mouth on the toilet.  There was blood and crying and mom got woozy. 

Thankfully, Kale's fat lip is slightly smaller, the blood has stopped flowing and he was able to bite on some teething rings for us.  Guess the hard hat wouldn't have helped this incident.  Guess we might need to add mouth guard to the shopping list...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cuddles with Kale

Kale has become more of a cuddler the older he's gotten and we have enjoyed it!  It warms my heart to see him cuddled in with Dad on the couch.  He's also become a big fan of "Baby Praise" DVDs.  We received a few as baby gifts (thanks, Laurel!) and he's just recently taken  interest in them.  Often in the mornings, that is what he is most content doing...watching his "Baby Praise."  We are enjoying his little self so much!

In other news, fall seems to be upon us with its cooler temps, blowing leaves and occasional rain showers.  I couldn't be happier.  I love fall and I'm excited for some new activities for Kale and I to get involved with during our daytime hours.  One being our Moms group kicking back off on Friday!  Excited to see the moms and how much the kiddos have grown over the summer.  Hoping the transition for Kale into the one year old room goes smoothly!  BIG STEP for Kale (and MOM!).  So enjoy a cup of cocoa, cuddle up with someone you love, and enjoy the beauty outside!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Haircuts for the Boys

Our boys recently both got haircuts. 
Kale's before shot.
Neither haircut went particularly well.  Kale was a superstar at his first haircut.  He was about the exact opposite this time...whatever the opposite for superstar might be...
Kale's after shot.
There was crying, screaming, fighting, snot, and hair everywhere.  I truly believe the haircutter deserved a metal or day off or something.  Because it was going "oh so well," when she asked me how much we wanted off, I replied, "You should probably make it pretty short because I don't want to bring him back for awhile."  Dad likes the end result thinking Kale looks even more like him now.  Mama is missing the curls.

On to haircut number 2 for Mr. Cedar.
Cedar's before shot.
Cedar had really nasty knots in his fur, particularly behind his ears.  We'd not taken him to a groomer up to this point and decided it was probably time at the ripe ole' age of 2.5 years. 
Cedar's after shot.
When I picked Cedar up from the groomers, she said he was pretty much scared of everything: the water, the shampoo, her...He nearly took my arm off after he was leashed and we were heading for the car.  He wanted outta there!
Matthew 10:30, 31 "And even the very hairs on your head are numbered.  So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."