Monday, July 30, 2012

Grams and Gramps Camp

It's become commonplace for Kale, Cedar and I to pack up the car and head for Grams and Gramps while Justin travels to Germany. 
 It provides adult interaction for me as well as really good cooking from my mom!
 It just so happened that I celebrated my birthday with my parents while Justin was away.  We spent a relaxed day at the park, having a great steak dinner at home and ice cream out.

On Tuesday evening, I met up with friend, Abby, for dinner and dessert in Dubuque with NO KIDS.  Special times for us!  And on Wednesday night, I traveled back home for my softball game and my sister and her fam came to watch and stay the night with me.  The game got cancelled due to rain/lightening but boy did we giggle as we ran through the wet...hoping we wouldn't "yark" (that was for you, Blake!) from our dinner and cupcakes.

 By the end of the week, Kale was making himself right at home snuggling next to Grams...
 and getting plenty of tractor rides from Gramps.

 We were even able to take part in the town celebration complete with parade and 5K run.
 Brother Darin was in the parade.
 Kale is still figuring out the parade lingo...notice all the candy left in the grass!  But, he was quick to pick up those beads around his neck!
 Was a beautiful morning for the 5K and brought back lots of memories as it ended on our high school track.  Don't think I was moving as quickly on the ole track as I did back then!
 SIL Kesha ran too!  Way to go, girl!
 And at week's end, Papa came home=one happy boy (and mama, too!)

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Kale's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Kale's birthday over the weekend with family. 
 There were so many highlights as it was just an awesome time.
 We went with a star theme as Kale loves stars.  Our awesome library has cake pans available for checkout-that's what started the whole star theme thought.  Kale decorated his own cake.

 Who knew Cedar would like the flour stars in the grass...but he loved them.  He licked away most of the flour before people arrived!

 Thanks to friend, Megan, who loaned us her bounce house, Kale got lots of giggles out, as well as energy!
 Porcupine watermellon anyone?
 Kale got some fun new water toys from both grandparents-pics below!  We had to try them out the next day, of course!

 And the sandbox got its full introduction as cousins jumped in and showed Kale the ropes.

 Badmitton was a hit for the young, and the "a little older", alike :)

Birthday number 2 is in the books filled with many sweet, wonderful memories!