Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby #2 on Board

We are expecting our second baby!  Here I am at 12.5 weeks.
I'm currently in my 14th week and slowly starting to feel better.  I have been very nauseated this time around and it lasts the whole live long day.  While pregnant with Kale, I had virtually no sickness.  Let's just say that Kale has watched way more videos and cartoons in the last several weeks than he has his whole life!
Though I've been to the doctor, have heard the heartbeat and I see my tummy slowly growing, it has not set in just yet that a new little life will be joining our household at the end of January (fingers crossed this child won't choose to wait an extra 2 weeks like big brother did...).
What I do know is that we are excited to expand our family and see what interests and passions this child will develop and how we can best nurture him/her in them.
And Kale's response to the news?  "Mama, I will hold the baby and carry the baby and teach the baby to play the tuba."

Attic Reno 5

Attic renovations have continued though a bit slower due to some travel on our part and waiting on contractors/companies as well.  Kale is always anxious to be upstairs with Papa, though he does not like the sound of Papa's tools.  If there are "cuts to be made", Kale is quick to descend the stairs and slam the door.
 The mini-split has been installed.  This provides heat and air to the attic solely.  It's made a world of difference for Justin when he works on hot days.  You can see the unit below on the lone piece of drywall that is currently up.
 The other big addition has been spray foam insulation that went in the week of July 14.  Due to the heat that week, it took the guys a day longer than they anticipated due to the temperatures in this space.  We are now able to get a better visual for what the space will look much head room we'll have in the corners...and cause me to wonder if I should wear a helmet the first few months we are up there until I adjust!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Kale's 3rd Birthday

Kale turned three last week.  One week ago tonight I was busy putting up the birthday banners around the house and quietly putting balloons into Kale's room while he slept (after the same practice last year, I don't think he would have believed it were his birthday if there were no balloons.  He literally talks about it all.the.time).  Oh, and we had a mighty thunderstorm that night too which resulted in me having to go into his room and retrieve a screaming Kale, and make our way through the balloons to the guest room to "sleep" (I use the word "sleep" here loosely as I certainly didn't get much of it!) together.  Somehow, he didn't hear me making my way through them nor see them in the moonlight/yard light!
 And as was his practice last year, he wanted to pick up all the balloons from his room and move them all downstairs.  I'm kind of hoping this might wear out next year...

 Anytime we are at Walmart, we have to go by the large ball bin.  He often talked of wanting to get one, but hard nose that I am, I wouldn't fork out the $2.50.  I told him his birthday was coming and if he could choose a color, should he get a ball, what would it be?  He chose orange.  Now that was one easy birthday gift.
 Continuing on my frugal spree, I found him an awesome musical puzzle at a garage sale.  Justin didn't believe me when I told him I was wrapping it up for his birthday :)

 His highlight gift was a guitar stand.  I'll be darned that when he opened the bag, with the stand all folded up inside, he knew what it was.  Yes folks, that's right, we gave our 3 year old a guitar stand for his toy guitar and he is in heaven.
 Justin took the day off work.  He had just returned from Germany the day before so it was two-fold for him to take part in birthday festivities and also get caught up on a little sleep.  We went to Hy-Vee before swim lessons and Kale got to pick a special treat.  After lessons, we delivered birthday treat cookies to the ladies who cut Kale's hair as well as the librarians.  We then continued on to a McDonalds Playland for lunch where Kale played and we ate!
 Saturday was Kale's party.  We used a musical theme.
 I was able to find several free printables on Pinterest that worked out well.  I'd highly recommend it!

 Also on Pinterest I found the idea for the guitar cake.  It was pinned from  It simply used a 9 by 13 cake pan and provided a template to cut out the guitar.  Worked really slick.  Kale, of course, wanted to play the guitar when I was done decorating it!

 For the meal we served "rounds" of pizza (grilled pizzas), a "xylophone" of fruit,

 Chocolate dipped pretzel rods called "drumsticks" as well as a salsa station we called "salsa music" and a few other goodies.

 Kale got some really neat gifts, but poor pictures, on mama's part.  One of his gifts was a music stand and book, to grow into.  He quickly went and got his guitar and gave us a performance on the patio.
 He also got a cape with his name on the back that my sister suggested could also be used for Halloween.  I think she might be onto something there!  Not pictured is a lego farm set, a few preschool games/books, and a lantern to light and let go into the sky after he makes a wish.  We're hoping for a calm night over the 4th weekend for Kale to get to do this!
 And gift bags to send home with the cousins in attendance complete with guitar shaped air fresheners, candy and glow sticks.
It was a wonderful celebration of Kale's year.  I can't believe my boy is 3!