Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Saturday

A busy Saturday included a trip to the black and gold campus for tailgating with Justin's class followed up by a game at Kinnick. Ironically, my sister and her husband were also at the game. We met up with them briefly to share an extra free ticket and we were both on our way into the sea of black and gold. After the game, we stopped by the hospital to visit a co-worker's son with cystic fibrosis. Three year old Berne had been in the hospital for about a week and is scheduled for surgery on Monday due to some problems with his colon. His dad said he was in the best spirits he'd been in days and it was fun to watch him play with his Thomas the Train toys on his hospital bed. Please keep Berne and his family in your prayers. His twin sister, Maren, also has cystic fibrosis. We drove back home to attend a 90th celebration of John Deere Waterloo Works. I hadn't seen that much green in a LONG time!

Beautiful Wedding

Friends Mike and Christy got married Friday night. What a beautiful wedding! I was delighted to serve at the guest book table with my friend Shelly. She and I had a hand in getting the bride and groom to the alter. Shelly knew the bride, I the groom. She asked me a few years back if he was seeing anyone and whether or not I'd share his phone number. The rest is history! Congratulations, Mike and Christy! Justin and I are so excited to have you guys as "near neighbors" soon!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our 3rd Anniversary

Happy 3rd anniversary, babe! Lovies!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Class Reunion

Justin had his class reunion over the weekend. About 1/4 of the class made it back. We had a great time catching up/meeting everyone. Justin was his class president so he was highly involved in the organization process!
Justin and his classmate, Zach did a program for their classmates. Everyone seemed to have a good time reminising.
Classmates catching up.


Justin's sister had a baby boy over Labor Day weekend. We got to meet little Ty this past weekend. What a sweetie! Welcome to the world, Ty!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Country Beauty

The sky was beautiful tonight around our home, casting just enough sunlight to really illuminate the fields and trees. Here's a few photos I shot of the beautiful surroundings just outside our door. And the picture below is in our living room. I love this time of night as the sun is coming through the window.

Labor Day Laboring

We spent much of our Labor Day weekend laboring-fitting, huh? Justin spent a lot of time in his office working on homework, work-work, and the agenda for his high school class reunion. I was able to get him outside for a bit to put up a birdfeeder. My Dad made us the pole-it's resistant to climbing squirrels-and we bought the actual feeder itself.I was hoping to be able to catch a picture of a bird on the feeder to feature here, but no such luck yet. Maybe we'll have to wait until winter when they are desparate for food...
I spent time painting our bedroom. Here I am below painting the trim work by the ceiling.