Thursday, June 05, 2014

Attic Reno 16

I had purchased a desk off of a Facebook for sale group several months ago.  I've been itching to tackle this project and get it placed in our attic space and begin to utilize it.  The before pic:
 And after:
 Paint color: Tidal Teal from Lowes.  
 Found the awesome knobs at Hobby Lobby.
 The cubby on top I purchased from a friend (Thanks, Nicole!).  It holds loads of cards and other essential mailing items.  The chair was purchased from a barn sale-already the orange color.  I've found this is a great spot to park myself during afternoon nap time for the boys.  My sweet little corner of office space :)

Monday, June 02, 2014

Attic Reno 15

Attic reno continues with the finishing of the stairwell banister.  Justin, the patient Papa that he is, allowed Kale to help him prime the woodwork for the project.  Then after Kale was in bed, he went out and took care of the finishing paint.

 A view looking up to the landing.  (Sidenote: I scored the fabulous table at a garage sale...)
 A view from the landing looking up toward the master suite.
 And finally, a view from the master suite looking down to the landing.
Super duper close to be completely finished with the attic project now!