Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation of Sorts

Justin was on vacation for 10 days. Due to new windows in the home this past spring, the budget didn't allow for a "travel vacation." Instead, we did a short weekend trip and several "outings" plus house projects, of course.
The main house project was blowing insulation into the porch area to make it a four seasons porch-oh happy day. We employed the help of two wonderful neighbors including our 86 year old neighbor, Merle. We conveniently placed Merle on "turn on, turn off control" of the machine operated by a switch. Note, Cedar kept him company in his comfy chair while he sipped an A&W. Don't call us slave drivers for calling on the help of an 86 year old.Our weekend trip was to the QC to visit 3 different sets of friends. Of course I only had my camera at one of the stops. We enjoyed grilling out with 4 of D's college friends and their families Friday night, seeing a close hometown friend and her family Saturday with a visit to the zoo and hotel swimming, and another college friend and his family Sunday.When back home, we froze corn, canned tomatoes, went to the library, a "new to us" ice cream shop, over to the Amish bakery for breakfast, a Bucks baseball game for a work event, and lots of play time with Kale.Just the other night, Justin took his boys for a ride. Notice Kale clutching Justin's collar for dear life. You would have thought Mom was driving...

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Last week I planned to meet my friend, Heather, for dinner in celebration of my birthday from the week prior. When I walked in, not only was Heather there, but she had arranged for a few other friends to join us! What a great surprise and a fun night. Thanks everyone for coming out! Love you all so much!

Prayers for Laura's Family

My sister-in-law's mom, Laura, passed away on Tuesday after her battle with cancer. Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for Laura! Please continue to lift up your prayers for the family. I ask for specific prayer for Laura's husband, Dan as well as my brother Darin and his wife Kesha as they weather this sorrow within the first few weeks of being a newly married couple. Lord be near!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Diaper Shot

Every baby has a diaper photo or two, right? Well, here are a couple of Kale. With the stretch of hot, humid weather the last few weeks, thank goodness it's PC for babies to run around in their skivies!