Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pumpkins are Taking Over the Land!

We planted 4 mounds of pumpkins in our garden this year. Not the little guys, the big guys. They have taken off like no other. Notice the "fingers" in the picture below. The vines are wanting to take over the entire yard, it seems with how they are creeping away from the garden. We are getting excited to harvest our pumpkins, have them on display, and take a few to our neighbors! Happy Harvest everyone!

The Ups and Downs of Kale

Kale can go from fun and silly to serious or sleeping in a snap.... Fun, silly Kale....
Serious, thinking Kale (notice the hand on the head; in the hair...this is becoming more common with him!)
Not so delighted about the hat or the Bjourn to go out for a walk with Cedar...
Snoozing and at peace and noticeably comfy...

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Which Way to the Gym?

Kale greatly enjoys his "Kick and Crawl Gym" (thanks, Kristi O!). Unfortunately, we've got to work on him losing his lunch after his "workouts"...

Photo Updates

Our little Kale is a growing boy. At his 2 month appointment last week, he'd grown 3 inches since birth! Whoa! NBA, here we come! Must be all that sleeping he does... Getting Kale dressed is fun for mom. He's gotten so many cute things from so many people. The overalls are a personal favorite!
He's still not too sure about the camera. Hanging out in his "gym" today! All smiles at the gym. That's what mom likes to see!