Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celebrating Kale's 1st Year

Though Kale won't be turning one until near the end of June, we wanted to celebrate with family in MN too, so we held an early party for our little peanut. Justin was also hoping to help with planting but the rain kept him out of the tractor.- Party treats for guests-
And the series of Kale shots with his first treat.... What the??? This doesn't taste like Gerber Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Corn... Why all the photos, Mom? Really, what's up with this red stuff? Okay, seriously, let me down! (We'll have to see if he likes it better on his official birthday in June. He'll have had a month to warm up the taste buds...). Time with Auntie Cori Ann. Cousin Meeghen (Cori Ann's daughter). With Justin's mom, Grandma D. Justin with nephew Jordan. Justin with Kale (left) and nephew Tate (right). Justin's Dad, Grandpa D, reading to Kale.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

City Wide Garage Sales

I am a fan of the city wide garage sale. Maps are provided at the local convenience store, there are several sales within a small area, and there are always great deals! Kale fared well with several 18 month and older clothes, a 2T spring/raincoat and a pair of winter boots, a couple of new toys, and a few "new to us" books! And well, since I was the one doing all the saling, I got a few new plants, a trellace, some tomato cages, a Panther car flag, and a couple other items I picked up for friends. All for a grand total of $32.70. City wide garage sales: A great concept!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Top of the Mornin' to Ya!

As soon as breakfast was done this morning, we put on our summer gear...and headed to the trails!
It's supposed to get near 90 degrees today so we got in an early bike ride.

It was Kale's first time in the bike trailor and he did awesome! (Thanks to Julie, a mom at my mom's group, who sold me this awesome trailor!)

Lots of friendly folk out this morning that gave Kale lots of smiles and "good mornin's"! It's going to be a grand day.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Every Day is Saturday

D's Dad retired at the beginning of the month after working at the same company for over 45 years. In his words, "Every day is now a Saturday." He's enjoying retirement. As a family, we met for a meal in Dad's honor and gave him a depth finder for his fishing boat. As Justin joked with him, "We could have paid a $400 upgrade to get the model that actually threw the fish into the boat for you!" I also made some red velvet cupcakes for dessert as red waldorf cake is one of his favorites (thanks Nicole, for the recipe!). Enjoy your new journey, Dad!

Green Thumbs

After a day digging in the dirt Saturday, the garden is now in and the flowers are planted. Kale cooperated nicely with a long afternoon nap! I must admit I love that photo of the garden below. NO WEEDS yet.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Celebrating Our Moms

Celebrating all moms today and thinking of those who desire to be moms. It was a great first mom's day for me. Loving hubby took care of Kale this morning and made breakfast and lunch and "shooed" me out of the kitchen so he could clean up. Lovies to you, Justin!
Thankful for Justin's mom, Linda. She's always there to listen and cares and loves all of us very much. She's always made time to go to Justin's activities throughout his growing years and now that we live at a distance away. Happy Mother's Day, Linda!

Thankful for Deedra's mom, Emily. She'll listen to D for hours on the phone and never tire of her phone calls! She's kind hearted and always willing to help when we're in need (dog sitting, painting, canning tomoatoes, etc!). Happy Mother's Day, Emily!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Summer I Sense You are Near

Summer, I sense you are near.Bring your warm days,
your starry nights,

catching fireflies with those we hold dear.

Cold lemonade on porch swings,

marshmellows toasted over campfire rings.

Pool visits, popsicles, parades down Main Street,

Picnics and bike rides with plenty of friends to meet.

Summer, I sense you are near. Come and stay for the year.