Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lappin' up the last of the warm weather

More late Summer/early Fall photo catch up:
 Kale and Cedar are becoming close pals.  Kale loves chasing Cedar all over the yard and just laughs and laughs.  Good-spirited Cedar lets him sit/fall down next to him, but does often quickly get up and move a foot, only to have it all happen over and over and...
 Kale loves playing "chase you's" in the yard.  He means "chase me" but he's heard us say "I'm gonna chase you!" so you's!

 Another new found love of Kale is to drag the pool out and jump in it or drive his tractors around it on the inside.  He also had a hoot putting it on top of Papa one day.  Uh, nice legs, Papa!
 He's also gotten into playing catch and tee-ball much more.  Papa, in particular, loves that!

We've enjoyed lots of evenings outside in the beautiful weather at hot summer's end.  Cedar, on the other hand, is already ready for snow.

September Recap

Summer ended and Fall began all without a blog post.  Alas I am back!  August and early September were busy as I was training for a half marathon.  It seemed much of my free time was spent running in preparation for race day.  I'm happy to say it has come and gone.
 Justin and Kale came to cheer for Mama which was a highlight of the race...that and the finish line!

 With the race done in early September, it was on to new goals for Mr. Kale (and let's be honest, mama).  He moved into a new room with a big boy bed.  This had previously been my craft/storage/ironing/.../.../  I decided to leave the room orange and use accents of brown and blues.  His birthday fabric banners had these colors in them so it seemed like an easy transition to work those colors into the room and not create a lot of extra work for myself.

 The mirror and dresser were garage sale finds that just needed a new coat of paint.
 The twin bed was Justin's when he was little.  It's actually part of a bunk bed that I'm sure Kale will enjoy in the future.  He's done awesome in his bed-one more life hurdle he's jumped over easily!
The chair in his room was also a garage sale know me and my garage sales...
Four days later, we started potty training.  I'd come across a suggested potty training method on Pinterest that worked super great with Kale.  It involved his stuffed animal wearing undies, going potty in the potty via a hidden water filled medicine dropper, an "accident" with the stuffed animal and water dropper, stating "no pee-pee on the floor...pee-pee in the potty!" and running back and forth to the toilet 10 times fast, etc.  And no, there is no video of this to share.  I'm happy to say he's done really well overall.  His only hangup is being a little anxious about someone other than mama or papa taking him potty.  
 He's never used his potty chair (but apparently his singing pups likes it...) but prefers to use the toilet with an insert.  Mama must admit I'm okay with not having to clean out a little potty!
He's even getting up at night to go potty so we are full fledged undies wearers now.  It's been interesting being up with him more in the night now than when he was a baby even...but I'm adjusting...and drinking a bit more coffee!