Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

Some photos with the fam. We enjoyed lots of time outside by the campfire. What a great way to spend a summer weekend!

Tranquil Campsite

This weekend we pitched our tent in my parents' timber. My Dad cleared a space in our timber about three years ago for our family and our 1st cousins to enjoy. Recently, he made the fire pit pictured here. It really is a neat sight at night. We pitched our tent near the creek so we could enjoy the babbling sounds at night. Unfortunately, thunder storms rolled through at about 2AM so it was a loud, wet night! So much for the babbling creek!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nature Shots & Random Photography

Some random photos from the weekend including Deere sightings, mama and her ducks, 3 young women who have never had to cut cake at a wedding before, beautiful thistles, and a fun pic of J & I.

Wedding Weekend

We attended 2 weddings this weekend. One was Friday night (a great college friend) and the second was Saturday-a friend of ours from church. What a beautiful weekend for weddings! These are just a few pics of the wedding extravaganzas!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Garden Beauty

This weekend we enjoyed a cookout at our friends' Matt and Megan's. The cookout was a "thank you" for helping them move a few weeks ago. The pictures below are of their amazing backyard-a true garden beauty. The highlight of the night was watching Matt capture two very loud croaking frogs and attempt to launch them over the fence! I wish I'd gotten pictures of that but it was a little dark!