Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding, Birthday and Balloons

It was yet another eventful weekend for us. Saturday we enjoyed the wedding of our dear Ali. Ali is a college student at our church. When we were involved with college student ministry, Ali was a fixture in our group and she has always been near and dear to us. So fun to see her "all smiles" on her big day! Here we are with Ali!Friend, Jess and her daughter Halle and second daughter, Bekah, in the background.
Friend, Julie and her daughter Lisa.

On Sunday we went to the birthday party of D's twin nephews, Brent and Blake, who are turning 9 years old this week! Of course we failed to get a picture of the birthday boys, but got a few pics and video of our son enjoying the festivities!
Kale with cuz, Brie. And the pictures and video below show a new found favorite of Kale: BALLOONS. Aparently a "must have" for his own birthday coming up in June! Enjoy the giggles!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trying to be Pals

Kale enjoying a lovely spring day. Enter Cedar, in 2.5 seconds, immediately laying on his side expecting a belly rub from a 9.5 month old. Quickly realizing it aint' happnin'!
I'm sure, at one point, it will be hard to pry sweet little boy from his beloved dog. For now, Cedar will continue with his plan to be pals.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cousins Together

This past weekend, Justin's sister and her family came to visit. We splashed in the pool (Kale and cousin Tate both took their first "dives" into the great blue!), conversed, and enjoyed watching the boys run around together. We agreed that it will be fun to watch Kale and Tate, in particular, grow up together as they are only 4 weeks apart in age! That little sweetheart already has my heart as we share the same birthday!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The boy has a tractor

For all of you who know Justin well, you'll be surprised to learn he just gave Kale his first John Deere tractor!

Weekend Visitors

Justin's parents were in town this past weekend for a visit. We enjoyed eating, shopping, and even a little yard work. Kale enjoyed his first lawn mower ride with Grandpa! The video below is Kale chatting it up with everyone.