Monday, July 23, 2007

Bye-Bye Twenties

Birthdays are great. Birthdays are grand. But birthdays take on a whole new flava when you leave one decade and enter another. There's no going back. I have no problem with being twenty-nine plus one year :) -it's just hard to comprehend where the time went, you know?

It was a nice day as I took the day off of work and spent most of it with my mom who came to town. I figure if my husband has to work, who better to spend my birthday with than the woman who essentially gave me the birthday (thanks Mom-and God!). We visited, shopped and had lunch together. The hubby made it home early, unfortunately because he wasn't feeling well. He slept for a few hours and mustered the energy to take me to dinner. We swung through Walgreens on the way home for more alka-seltzer and he landed on the couch when we got home. I just came back from a walk and he is already in bed! I must say I'm feeling a little lonely this first night of being thirty...well, there I said it...thirty!

A new blessed beginning. It will be fun to see how the year unfolds.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Little People Visit

Greetings! Sorry the updates have been few and far between. Our internet was not cooperating for about a week and rather than frustrate myself, I decided to step away! But, I'm back. My niece stayed over night a few weekends ago and her brother's joined us the following day. We took her biking on the trails, watched movies and did some reading together. When her brothers joined us, we went to a petting zoo, had Happy Meals at McDonald's, went to a park, played farm and ran through the sprinkler. Thanks for the fun weekend little people!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Happy 4th everyone! We tried a new adventure on Wednesday. There is a new paddling trail in our area so we rented some kayaks and went paddling. I was brave enough to take our camera along to catch a few pics. The trail involved kayaking on a few different lakes, a river and a stream as well as portaging. One of the lakes had a whole slew of lily pads-beautiful, yet tough to paddle through! Four hours later, we were ready to crash on the couch! We managed to stay awake and catch the fireworks to celebrate with the rest of the nation, our freedom.