Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I enjoy Halloween.  Not for the frightful, spooky things, but for the sweet, innocent things.  Pumpkin carving and lighting, sweet little ones in their adorable costumes, luminaries lining the driveway, and sure, who doesn't enjoy candy?

We enjoyed an afternoon and early evening at my sister's yesterday celebrating my dad and niece's birthdays.  It was also trick-or-treating night in their town so we took Kale out for a spin with them around the block.  It was sweet watching Justin take Kale up to the door, receive the candy, and when he turned to leave, Kale would look back at the people in the doorway like he was trying to figure all of this out. 

This afternoon we went to a neighboring town to trick-or-treat the businesses on Main Street.  Kale is too young to really understand and thoroughly enjoy this whole business, so we didn't stay long.  It was a nice day to be out and have something different to do (can I get an "oh ya" from all the stay-at-home moms out there???) 

Instead, we went to a few neighbor's homes and delivered cutout sugar cookies and they could see our little dragon (good guess on "Barney" those of you who tried from the "sneak peek post".  I originally thought it was a dinosaur costume but then realized it is a dragon.  Dinosaur, dragon, cute either way...)
So tonight I'll enjoy being snuggled in our house, looking out at the luminaries lining the driveway, and letting our little dragon sleep peacefully.  Happy Halloween dear friends.

Friday, October 28, 2011

At the Farm in MN

Enjoyed time in MN with Justin's family last week.  Justin got plenty of time in the tractor and Kale and I were able to join him a few times.  Enjoy pics from farmin' and family!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Friday, October 07, 2011

Sneak Peek

So I'm ooober excited about Kale's Halloween costume this year.  A friend loaned it to us and it is adorable on our little guy.  I could not stop laughing or smiling when he had it on. 

Pretty sure I had more fun with it than he did! 

Thought I'd give a few clues in pictures but you'll have to wait until October 31 for the final reveal!
What have been some favorite Halloween costumes on your own little pumpkins?


So my "mommy-cation" (see previous post) ended abruptly when Justin flew out for Brazil the day after we got back from Michigan.  Suddenly, single parenthood set in for a few days.  I was trying to decide if I was on a wife-cation or a hubby-cation.  Regardless, I was alone with my son and dog in our big old farmhouse on nights that get dark too early!!!  I digress...

Kale and I worked to fill our time as best we could.  We made trips to the library, went for a walk in a beautiful neighborhood,

story hour, playgrounds, runs on trails, up and down on the lawnmower, etc.
I'm happy to say that Justin returned home safely today and our family is complete once again!
I'm content to have no vacations of any sort planned for a bit now.  Normal life at home is just fine for me!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Houghton, MI

This past week, Justin and I had the fortune of traveling to Houghton, MI in the UP (for all you non-yoopers, that's Upper Peninsula).  Justin attended college in Houghton and was returning for a recruiting trip for work.  My parents, God love them, offered to care for Kale while we traveled.  My mom said, "I would feel bad for Kale having to ride in a car that long."  I decided that was reason enough for me to have a "mommy-cation."

If you've never been to the UP in the fall, it's a must.  The colors are amazing.  And there are so many "covered roads" where the trees just seem to envelope your car with reds, oranges, and yellows.  It is breathtaking.  Every inch of road was basically a postcard.  One particular scene that sticks in my mind was that of a field with big haybales and hills behind covered in colors.  I so wanted to stop the car for a photo opp on that one and am kicking myself now that I did not!
Our first full day in town, Justin was on campus recruiting.  So, I had a free day!  So many things to do, so little time...I got in a run, worked on bible study homework, got a haircut and style, went shopping, drove around gawking at the leaves and taking way too many pictures, free reading...essentially soaking up all the "me time" possible.

That night, we met up with Justin's college basketball coach, his wife and daughter for dinner.  Fun to hear old stories and see the excitement in Justin's eyes remembering the "gold old days."  Friday was a free day for both of us.  We spent time in Copper Harbor doing a little hiking.  We weren't really appropriately dressed for the chilly weather so we kept it short.  Lake Superior had pretty violent waves coming into shore with the high winds.  Wanting to catch the "perfect picture", I went as far onto the shore as I saw dry land.

Just as I snapped the above picture, a wave came in and got me.  I was screaming and laughing and clobbered Justin as he was trying to help me out of the way of the wave.  Thankfully, I brought another pair of socks and shoes in the car!  Note the wet pants below...

Afterward we headed through a few shops.  We ended up parking ourselves by a fireplace in one of the stores enjoying some hot cocoa and Copper Harbor fudge!

Later we toured an old army fort and coal mine.  The coal mining industry is still so interesting to me.  Especially when it first began and how those men put their lives in such danger.  If I'd been married to a miner back in the day, I think I would have felt unsettled each time he left for work in the morning.  After we finished the tour, all I could think was "God bless miners!"

Not only did I wear one coat, but I took another to put over my legs for the tour of the mine.  BRRRRR, friends.

The cart above on the right held 30 miners and took them into the mine and back out again at the end of the shift.  We watched a video of the men getting on and off of this cart.  Again, it would have given me a sinking feeling every day to get on this cart and be lowered thousands of miles into the earth.

We ended our day with dinner at Charlie and Diane's, friends of Justin's from the church he attended in college.  They had an amazing dinner for us topped off with homemade apple pie.  What a day in the UP!

So long, Houghton!  Hold on to fall as long as you can before you are submerged in snow!