Friday, April 18, 2008

Splish, Splash

We had some excitement tonight. With all the rain we've gotten today, water has accumulated in places we don't normally see water! It got so bad that Justin stayed by the road to slow drivers down and eventually the road was closed off. The golf course across from our house had a new pond form as well. An unusual form of Friday night entertainment!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

On Saturday, we drove to Kansas where D's cousin, Alan and his wife were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary as well as both of their 50th birthdays (they share the same birthday!!!). They had a nice meal and reception. We also enjoyed seeing D's aunt Wanita, Uncle Bill & Aunt Marge, Cousin Wanda and her family, and D's parents. On our trip home, we got to visit with J's cousin Pam and her husband Ryan. It was a great trip seeing many family!

Wii with the Littles

We enjoyed some time with our friends, the Little's, in Ankeny last Friday night. Lisa is a woman of hospitality. She prepared a wonderful dinner meal of chicken followed by peach cobbler dessert. For breakfast? Blueberry pancakes! After their cutie girls went to bed (we can't believe we didn't take a pic of them!) we had fun playing with the Wii. Here's a few shots of the boys playing tennis and boxing and the video below of Lisa and I playing tennis. Thanks for a great evening, Little's! Let's do it again soon!