Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Brotherly Love

Big brother Kale has taken to Baby Grey quite well.

Kale enjoys helping with Grey when he can, checking on him, letting me know when he's spit up.
After the bedtime routine is done, Kale will often request to tell Baby Grey goodnight, one more time.
He talks of being excited for Grey to be bigger so he can play "chase yous" and basketball with he and Papa.
He occasionally wants to hold him but prefers that Baby Grey is quiet while doing so.
After one particularly rough night, I jokingly asked Kale if we should take Grey back to the hospital and Kale responded, "No, Mama.  He's a part of our family."
 These two boys.  These boys with their soft cheeks and heart piercing smiles.  These boys with their stretching legs and need mama requests.
These boys who try my patience and win my affection time and again.
These boys who are brothers.  My prayer is that they will adore each other as much down the road as they do now.  That they will confide in one another when they'll no longer confide in me.  That they'll be best of friends rather than the worst of enemies.  These boys.  Thank you, God, for these boys.